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nScreenNoise – Reliable Third Party YouTube data pt 1.

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In this episode of nScreenNoise, Lloyd Dixon, Analyst with nScreenMedia sits down with Rob Gabel, CEO, and co-Founder of Tubular. The company is the largest aggregator of YouTube data outside of Google. We talk about how the company started, what it provides for its clients, and how it plans to emulate Nielsen’s success in broadcast television in social video.

About Tubular (0:30)

Tubular is a third-party aggregator of YouTube data and the largest data partner of YouTube. The partnership allows the company to monitor over 5 billion videos on the online video giant’s platform. They analyze the data and provide intelligence to clients, including Machinima, and Food Network. They also monitor Facebook and other social video platforms.

How the company got started (1:45)

Mr. Gabel originally worked at Machinima, a video entertainment network for gaming. He and his colleagues found it hard to get good data on the videos they released on YouTube. Finding out when to upload, how often, and what kind of videos the audience responded to was difficult. Tubular was started to solve this problem not only for Machinima but also for everyone else.

How it gets good data (4:00)

The company monitors over 5 billion videos and analyzes the data from them. This sample size is a large enough that Tubular can determine which videos attract users the most and why.

The Nielsen of online social video (5:25)

Nielsen has been compiling data for decades on broadcast television. Tubular aims to do the same with online social video. However, the two companies approach the data gathering in entirely different ways.


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