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T Time discusses Filmstruck closure, Fandor steps in


WarnerMedia announced it would shutter Filmstruck at the end of November. We discuss the decision and why it might have been a mistake. We also interview the CMO of Fandor. The service is seeking to fill the void left by Filmstruck’s demise.

Chapter 1: The demise of Filmstruck (1:00)

WarnerMedia announced late last week that it would close the SVOD service Filmstruck. We discuss what made the Turner service so appealing. We also discuss the superb app experience, created by You.i, which made the service so engaging.

Chapter 2: Why Filmstruck is closing (4:00)

WarnerMedia is gearing up for a launch of new service next year. Find out what content WarnerMedia may be bringing to the service by listening to this section.

Chapter 3: What happened to the extras? (8:30)

Filmstruck did a great job of bringing together bonus material and a curated experience around the movies it featured. Tracy and I discuss if the loss of Filmstruck means the loss of the approach forever. We also discuss how bonus features on DVDs seem to have gotten lost in the transition to digital.

Chapter 4: Interview with John Zamoiski of Fandor (14:00)

Fandor, an online specialty service for film buffs, has a special offer for Filmstruck members. John Zamoiski, Chief Marketing Officer of Fandor, joins us to discuss the service and how Filmstruck members can sign up for the offer.  John discusses Fandor’s approach to:

  • Curation
  • Recommendations
  • Editorial content
  • The film buff community
  • Device coverage

Chapter 5: How the 2019 WarnerMedia service fits into the future of TV (30:40)

We discuss how the forthcoming HBO-anchored service might fit in with the future of television. We also suggest that WarnerMedia might have lost sight of a key benefit of Filmstruck which might have made them take a different course with service.


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