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In this interview with Jason Friedlander of Verizon Digital Media Services he discusses the company’s new 1-to-1 session management platform, Smartplay. It brings personalization to every aspect of the online video streaming experience.

Chapter 1: Why 1-to-1 session management matters (1:00)

For modern video services, it is essential to have a 1-to-1 relationship with every viewer every time they watch content. Only by doing this can a provider ensure a viewer has the best experience.

Chapter 2: Smartplay at the streaming level (1:50)

Mr. Friedlander discusses why it is importance to be able to customize the streaming session from the moment a user initiates it. This approach allows the video stream to start with the best quality and maintain it throughout.

Chapter 3: Delivering ad relevancy (3:30)

Smartplay also includes server-side ad insertion technology. This allows the content provider to insert ads targeted to each individual viewer. The same technology can be used to customize the shows, and even show segments, in a linear stream for each viewer. And whether it is an ad, show segment, or entire movie that is replaced in the linear stream, the result is always a smooth viewing experience.

Chapter 4: The importance of data (6:50)

To maintain this level of control of the streaming session, a lot of data is required. Mr. Friedlander says the solution gathers individualized data about every streaming session. Uniting this data with content viewing data allows the online video provider to create a completely personalized experience to every viewer every time.


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