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In this 5-minute lecture by Mark Adams of Incoming Media at the TV of Tomorrow Show 2016, he defends the following idea: “Streaming Isn’t Enough: Push Video for Better Engagement.”

One of the biggest problems with online video consumption is buffering: that moment when playback just stops while more video loads. This can be very expensive for online video providers (OVPs.) A delay of up to 5 seconds can result in most of the audience abandoning the viewing session.

What’s needed is instant playback. Mr. Adams contends the best way to guarantee that is to push video to the device is using. His company uses predictive algorithms and analytics to ensure the right video is downloaded to the device at the most convenient time. This forced download means the video is instantly available to playback, with perfect fidelity and instant rewind and fast forward control.

Mr. Adams contends as many as quarter of all mobile video plays are aborted before the video even starts, because it took too long to begin playing. However, when that video is pushed to the device virtually everyone that initiates playback will start watching it, because it starts instantly. The higher quality experience can result in almost 3.5X the viewing duration. Also, notifying the user the video is available at the perfect moment to watch, say while they are in line at the grocery store, can result in 7X the readership for a standard text message.

Push doesn’t replace streaming, according to Mr. Adams, but is a great enhancement to it and can result in dramatically higher engagement for an OVPs videos.

Chapter 1: Incoming Media (0:26)

Chapter 2: The problem with streaming (0:51)

Chapter 3: Instant playback is needed (1:53)

Chapter 4: What is push video (2:30)

Chapter 5: Does push video boost engagement? (3:10)

Chapter 6: Conclusions (5:08)


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