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In part 2 of my interview with the CEO of Tubular, we discuss what most companies get wrong about social video and what the future might bring to the industry.

Chapter 1: What customers get wrong about social video (0:30)

Social video providers tend to have a certain hypothesis about how they should run their business to optimize performance before they start to work with Tubular. Some have an accurate picture of their business, but many do not. One of the common mistakes is that companies hang on to the idea that social videos need to be short. Mr. Gabel explains why this is not necessarily so.

Chapter 2: The length of the video matters (1:45)

YouTube’s video ranking algorithm tends to favor videos that are longer, 10-20 minutes, over videos that are shorter, less than 10 minutes. That said, creators need to take into consideration the type of content when deciding on an appropriate length of a video.

Chapter 3: The diverse ways users watch social video (3:24)

Many users are viewing social video from a variety of different devices, most recently Connected TVs. Users also consume different kinds of media during certain hours of the day. Episodic shows tend to be more popular during primetime, while viral videos dominate during the day.

Chapter 4: Where will social video be in 2-3 years (4:40)

Mr. Gabel says that, as the data gets better, companies will be better able to predict what a customer may want to view next. The ability to guess what a person will watch next will become much more powerful in the future.

Chapter 5: The convergence of video (7:10)

Looking at Tubular data and general industry trends, it appears that video types and markets are converging. In the future, it will be difficult to tell the kind of content people are consuming. They will have trouble figuring out if what they are watching is an advertisement, a series, a vlog a viral video or something else.


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