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While Netflix continues to dominate the SVOD market in the U.S., other services are beginning to find their audience. This week saw CBS, Crunchyroll, and Cinedigm all announce meaningful growth.

Chapter 1: SVOD market size and growth (0:30)

62% of U.S. consumers now use SVOD services. 52% use Netflix, but there are signs smaller services are beginning to find an audience too.

Chapter 2: Showtime and CBS All Access (1:10)

CBS boss Les Moonves is pleased with progress Showtime and CBS All Access are making. Both have around 1.5M subscribers. That puts Showtime just a little behind its main rival, HBO Now. CBS All Access should see spectacular growth when the new Star Trek: Discovery series premieres exclusively on the services.

Chapter 3: Crunchyroll (2:20)

Crunchyroll crossed an important barrier this week. The anime service has now passed the 1M subscriber barrier. The freemium service has been doing a good job converting free viewers into subscribing members. Part of the secret sauce is the availability of simulcast content, allowing subscribers to enjoy new episodes of their favorite shows at the same time as they are first broadcast in Japan.

Chapter 4: Cinedigm (4:10)

Cinedigm now has three niche SVOD services in market: Dove Channel, Docurama, and ConTV. Between the three there has been 3.34M app downloads, 610,000 registered users, and 80,000 subscribers. The services are closely allied with marketing partners that are an intimate part of the niche groups they service.


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