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nScreenNoise – SVOD friend or foe of pay TV?

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Pay TV is still trying to convince itself that SVOD is its friend. But new data shows just the opposite.

Chapter 1: Pay TV cozying up to SVOD (0:30)

Liberty Global is pleased with its integration of Netflix on the set-top box. It sees the relationship as good for both. The company would like to also add Amazon Video, and Amazon is keen to do it.

Chapter 2: Online and pay TV see equivalent usage (2:00)

New CTA data shows that pay TV and free/pay online subscriptions are about equivalent. As well, the company says television video consumption and connected device viewing are about equivalent.

TiVo says pay TV subs with a streaming device are almost 3X more likely to say they plan to cut-the-cord than those without a streaming device. As well, 98.5% of SVOD subs use their service daily. 70% watch at least an hour a day, 39% watch at least 2 hours per day.

Chapter 3: Pay TV partners launch SVOD (3:50)

Pay TV partners continue to launch standalone SVOD services. The BBC, in partnership with the UK commercial broadcaster ITV, launched the $6.99 a month BritBox service this week. Turner and Warner Bros will be launching an SVOD service dedicated to cartoons, with Loony Tunes leading the way.

Chapter 4: SVOD friend or foe? (5:00)

The data strongly suggests that SVOD is far from being a friend of pay TV. It is much more likely to be its replacement.

Why it matters

Pay TV operators are still trying to convince themselves that SVOD does not represent a threat.

They are putting SVOD services on pay TV set-top boxes.

New data shows that SVOD is increasingly replacing the functions traditionally provided by pay TV operators.



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