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In this interview with Dan Finch of Simplestream, he talks about real-time live asset syndication for BallBall, and online linear TV delivery for A&E’s Blaze.

Chapter 1: About Simplestream (0:30)

Simplestream’s Commercial Director Dan Finch says the company’s origins are rooted in bringing live linear channels into the online world. The company’s first project, in 2010, helped them build out this capability.

Chapter 2: What Simplestream provides (1:45)

The company provides a one-stop-shop for broadcasters seeking to deliver online. Simplestream can help them build apps, manage video assets throughout their digital lifecycle, and manage the CDNs required to deliver the video. The company can also help derive on-demand assets from the linear stream, and make them available for syndication to other sites.

Chapter 3: Coming to the USA (3:30)

Simplestream is growing strongly, and has seen a big increase in business in the US. The company will open a US office in the first quarter of 2017. It is relatively simple for the company to offer services in a new country as the solution is cloud based. It is also is very modular. This allows companies to leverage part or all of the functionality in their online video delivery platform.

Chapter 4: Getting A&E’s Blaze online (5:40)

Blaze is a free-to-air channel that A&E has launched in the UK. A&E asked Simplestream to put that channel online. Rather than encode and deliver the live broadcast channel, Simplestream replicates the linear channel from the on-demand assets. This provides A&E with much more flexibility with the online linear channel. For example, it is very easy to sell and insert a completely different ad load online than the free-to-air channel.

Chapter 5: Sport syndication to BallBall.com (7:15)

Simplestream enables the syndication of soccer clips to the Asian site BallBall.com. These clips are derived from the live video feed and delivered to the BallBall site within seconds of the on-field action occurring. Simplestream can also produce a highlight real for a game while it is still in progress.


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