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nScreenNoise – pay TV subs improve, Disney booms, consumers lose

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MoffettNathasan gave a very positive review of the diminished losses of pay TV subs in the second quarter of 2014. The company thought this an indication that cord cutting was not a problem, though Craig Moffett sounded a note of caution about “affordability” of the service. Examining the Q2 earnings of Disney, and others, its clear content providers are driving this problem. With dynamics as they stand today, economic cord cutting can only be around the corner.

Variety surveyed teens about who their media idols were. Turns out TV stars don’t even get a look-in: YouTube favorites lead the pack.

This video is interactive. You can click on icons and images to get more information on the topics discussed. This feature is sponsored by Vinja.TV.

Time: 5.35


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