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nScreenNoise – Is OTT TV propping up pay TV?

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Dish poor second quarter results seemed to be helped by Sling TV, and HBO seems to have had a bad Q2 while HBO Now is going great. Is OTT TV helping prop up pay TV?

Dish announced a loss of 81,000 subscribers in Q2 2015, but Sling TV says it has acquired 169,000 as of Q1 2015. As well, Charlie Ergen, Dish CEO, says that Sling TV subscribers are as valuable to the company as Dish satellites subscribers. Is there more of an opportunity here for Dish, now that its core television business is clearly a “mature to declining” service? Since Roger Lynch says Sling TV is not a complete TV solution, Dish may chose to launch new services to fill in the gaps.

TimeWarner had a very good Q2. All divisions did well except one, HBO. Richard Plepler, HBO CEO, and Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner head, both were pleased with the launch of HBO Now. However, no one expects it to make a profit until 2016. Could this loss-making business be cause HBO as whole to perform poorly, or is it have a more direct effect by attracting HBO subscribers on cable to OTT?

Chapter 1: Dish results (0:20)

Chapter 2: How Sling TV could be helping  (1:30)

Chapter 3: TimeWarner and HBO Now (4:30)


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