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In this interview with Easel TV Chief Operating Officer Bill Scott recorded at IBC 2018, he discusses why Easel TV is helping its customers with the four Es of marketing.

Chapter 1: Live TV’s continued growth online (0:20)

Easel TV has added the ability to deliver and monetize live events and to blend them seamlessly with on-demand content. Easel TV customers can now schedule on-demand assets immediately before and after a live event. A single service can support SVOD, AVOD, and free-VOD simultaneously. For example, an operator could provide a live event to existing customers as part of their subscription, and also let non-subscribers watch on a pay-per-view basis.

Chapter 2: The four Es of marketing (2:40)

Mr. Scott believes it is important for platform vendors such as Easel TV to assist video service providers in marketing to their customers. He describes how the Easel TV platform delivers what he calls the four Es of marketing:

  • Enable video service providers to boost SEO, social sharing, and integration with consumer electronics products like Apple TV and Fire TV.
  • Empower operators to creatively schedule and target promotional videos and banners within the application.
  • Engage – provide subscribers with a compelling user experience, and seamless multiscreen, as well as capturing customer usage data.
  • Evaluate – Analyze the data and display meaningful information that enables providers to make the best business decisions.

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