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Interview with Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-founder of Flingo

I spoke with Ashwin Navin on the 11th of March at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. I reported on this meeting in a posting last week, but in this video interview Ashwin expands on the transition of the company from the social TV space into the power behind next-gen interactive TV.

Ashwin explains how Flingo can make any TV show a social event. He also explains how Flingo data centers add real-time meta data to make live TV interactive without any effort by the content providers.

The company is working with smart TV manufacturers to include the automatic content recognition (ACR) system at the heart of Flingo solution. Ashwin also talks about how Flingo is working with advertisers to establish what the new interactive ad spots will look like.

Working with smart TV manufacturers and advertisers will take a long time to build out the new interactive advertising infrastructure. We discuss how the company will survive while this ecosystem establishes itself.

Time: 7:38


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