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Sling TV on Windows 10

Online TV continues to usurp pay TV value proposition

Online video services are continuing to encroach on the traditional role of pay television. vMVPDs are boosting functionality and content, online content aggregators are sharpening their message, and online television viewing closely resembles and replaces pay TV viewing. vMVPDs improve functionality, content The most direct competitors for pay TV services […]

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Access usage and frequency of TV voice search

Messy TV voice search headed for growth

The number of TV devices supporting voice search has increased dramatically over the last year. So much so that many consumers could be confused about which remote to use. That said, TV voice search looks headed for continued strong growth. Searching for video by voice a common feature Voice search […]

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Future of TV banner

TV programmers must be in skinny bundles

The number of companies with skinny bundles in market, or that plan to launch one, swelled to 8 on Friday. Though it is not clear if these services will be successful, TV programmers still need to work with them. vMVPDs are multiplying Verizon appears poised to enter the world of the […]

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