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Big changes in smart TVs for CES 2018?

It was business as usual for the biggest smart TV manufacturers at CES 2017. But change is in the wind for the smart TV market, and we could see big changes at CES 2018? Mandatory functionality, too costly for many TV manufactures recognize smart TV functionality is now a mandatory […]

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Will smart TV’s stay smart?

With thin profit margins and no extra revenue from smart functionality, TV manufacturers might be tempted to ditch smart TV functionality to save money. Not so fast, say a panel of experts. At the OTTtv World Summit I moderated a panel entitled Will Smart TV Manufacturers Generate Higher Market Share […]

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Connected devices challenge TV on reach, engagement

As television engagement declines, connected device usage becomes increasingly important. The size of the audience for each screen is growing, and users are watching longer and more frequently. In its latest comparable metrics report, Nielsen shows that connected devices are able to deliver substantial video audiences. Television still reaches almost […]

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