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Ultra HD

Ultra HD adoption: one step forward, two steps back

Pity the plight of the poor CE device manufacturers. As they have begun to line up to support 4K and accelerate Ultra HD adoption the industry has thrown a couple of curve balls that might make their investments at best worthless, and at worst actually harmful to consumers. The announcement […]

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Apple Disney HBO GO splash

Apple, Time Warner Inc, Disney need OTT strategy rethinks

Here are three examples of companies that may not be paying enough attention to what’s going on in their markets. Apple, TimeWarner Inc and Disney all could do with one more visit to the OTT strategy drawing board to get their market approach straight. New Apple TV beats the competition, […]

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nScreenMedia Video Podcast

nScreenNoise – Industry says cord cutting overblown, while TV pillars erode

A cabal of TV industry insiders gathered at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen and agreed that all the talk about cord cutting is overblown. While this may be true, new data illustrates how the pillars upon which the traditional TV industry stands are being eroded. Hub Entertainment Research looked […]

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