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VRV sweetens the deal for viewers, partners

VRV, the fandom focused freemium service from Ellation, added two more SVOD partners on Tuesday. Here’s why one of them, CuriosityStream, chose to join. Today, VRV added two new content providers to its freemium platform targeting the fandom community. CuriosityStream, a factual television programming SVOD service, and MUBI, an SVOD […]

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The secret to Crunchyroll’s success

Crunchyroll recently announced it had passed the 1 million paid subscriber mark. Here’s how the anime service did it, and how it plans to keep the growth coming. The Crunchyroll recipe for success On the face of it, the way Crunchyroll has been so successful is deceptively simple. According to […]

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5 reasons why Hulu shouldn’t dump free TV

Hulu will stop providing free-ad-supported TV episodes. Instead it will become a subscription only, premium video service. Here are 5 reasons why this could be a big mistake. According to Ben Smith, Hulu senior VP and head of Experience: “For the past couple years, we’ve been focused on building a […]

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