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CandW discuss – implications of the Netflix Weinstein deal

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The Netflix Weinstein deal to make the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon available on Imax theater screens and Netflix clients on the same day turned heads this week. In particular, theater owners were not amused and announced they would show the movie in the theaters at all.

Will and I discuss a variety of issues the deal brings up. An index to the topics covered is shown below.

Chapter 1: The Weinstein Netflix deal (0:50)
Chapter 2: Cannibalization (3:00)
Chapter 3: Impact of 4K (6:15)
Chapter 4: Content windowing issues (8:15)
Chapter 5: Windowing and piracy (12:50)
Chapter 6: Netflix refocuses on movies? (15:00)
Chapter 7: Exclusivity (16:00)
End (20:30)


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