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New and existing data make it plain that viewing video on connected devices is a majority, not minority, behavior in the U.S. It is having a galvanizing effect on our video habits.

Chapter 1: The dimensions of the connected device world (0:50)

79% of Internet users have two connected devices, according to eMarketer. As well, the company says 4-in-5 internet users are watching web video on those devices. The device with the most video reach is the smartphone, the device that we spend most time watching is the connected TV.

Chapter 2: Connected TV devices (9:10)

TDG says that 78% cord-nils (cord-cutters and cord-nevers) have at least 1 TV in their home connected to the Internet. 22% of broadband homes are cord-nils. Will says that in the new living room, it is now as easy to access Internet high quality Internet video on television as it is to watch pay TV.

Chapter 3: Easy to connect the TV (13:10)

I just set up a new LeEco Android TV, and it was very easy. The TV talked to my phone and all the connectivity information was automatically transferred. Even my Netflix credentials were automatically migrated to the new TV.

I also think that the TV video app experience in many cases is better than traditional pay TV experience. I love the new Fox Now, which is well designed and makes it very easy to find and watch great content.

Chapter 4: Mobile video growth encouraged by operators (16:00)

Ooyala says that 54% of video views were on mobile devices in Q4 2016, up from 46% from just 1 year ago. I believe that the emergence of zero-rated streaming and unlimited plans will have a galvanizing effect on the consumption of video over mobile networks. I use T-Mobile Binge-On all the time, and now watch 3-4 hours of video on my phone a week. Verizon zero-rated FiOS TV on its mobile network last week. AT&T is also zero-rating DirecTV Now usage on its mobile network.

Chapter 5: The essential points on connected devices (19:20)

Video viewing on connected devices is majority behavior, not a minority activity. Most us now have two or more devices at our disposal, and we are watching video on all of them. It’s also clear that we continue to find more time for video, as the total time we spend watching from all sources continues to increase.


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