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CandW discuss Apple TV and Amazon video downloads

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The long awaited Apple TV upgrade is finally here, and Will and I discuss the new features and services the device brings. Neither of us were convince the new device added up to “the reinvention of television.” However, the product does have some notable features.

Voice search seemed very promising in the demonstration at the Apple event. In particular, the ability to say “what did she say” and have the video auto-rewind 7 seconds and have subtitles appear seemed very impressive. Most other voice control features demonstrated seemed well matched by Google’s Nexus Player, though not by Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Will and I were both impressed by the games opportunity. Certainly, the device is powerful enough to run sophisticated games, but the addition of the App Store gives Apple the opportunity to really differentiate the device.

All-in-all, the new Apple TV feels like a me-too product, catching Apple up with features that are available in the competition.

Amazon’s introduction of the ability to download some of the Prime Video movies and shows caught both our attention. Will was enthusiastic about it and mystified as to why Netflix hasn’t introduced the features. He was also scathing about some of things Neil Hunt, Netflix’ Chief Product Office, said about why the company doesn’t support the feature.

Chapter 1: Apple TV features (1:00)

Chapter 2: Amazon Downloads (11:50)


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  1. Hi Colin,

    While we’re not sold on this being the “reinvention of television” either, there was one notable thing our team noticed in terms of what this means for TV interfaces – Matt Nelson wrote a short post getting into the details. (Basically, we hope this is the death knell for uninspired TV interfaces and the technology decisions that push them!)


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