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CandW discuss AT&T and Amazon’s expanding video influence

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AT&T will add yet another online TV service to its ever-expanding suite of video options. New research suggests that most subs for Showtime, Starz and HBO SVOD services come from Amazon Channels. Danish SVOD users air their complaints about their service choice.

Chapter 1: AT&T adds another video service (1:30)

AT&T will add another online video service to its expanding portfolio of services. The company will duplicate DirecTV satellite service online at a much-reduced cost. The company also has U-Verse, DirecTV Now and the as-yet-unreleased Watch service. The company will be able to offer packages from these services with price points from $15 to $200.

Chapter 2: Showtime, HBO, get most subs through Amazon Channels (11:00)

New research from The Diffusion Group shows that most of the subscribers for HBO Now, Showtime, and Starz come from Amazon Channels. Overall, the company says 55% of SVOD subs come through Channels. 72% of Showtimes new subscriptions come from Channels and 53% for HBO.

Chapter 3: Danes air their dissatisfaction with SVOD services (19:30)

There are a lot of parallels between the Danish and US video markets. A Danish analyst group asked SVOD subscribers about negatives for SVOD usage. 23% said that streaming services don’t keep them up-to-date with what is going on in the community. 15% missed the fact that TV operators aggregated the channels for them, and 13% seemed to think it was contributing to their addiction to the Internet.  Most interesting of all, 11% said they had difficulty agreeing with their spouse, family, or friends on what to watch.


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