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Over half of installed media apps used less than 10 times

apps used just once and less than 10 times

Persuading someone to download your video apps is only half the battle. New research shows a quarter of those apps only get used once, and more than half never get used more than ten times.

The high fatality rate of media apps

After laboring many months on an excellent experience, online video service providers (OVSPs) face a truly daunting challenge getting people to download the app and use it. Adobe’s 2016 Mobile Benchmark data shows that 24% of media and entertainment (M&E) apps are only ever used once. 54% of M&E apps are used less than 10 times.

Which apps get deleted the mostSince it is content that gets people to download an app in the first place, this data emphasizes the importance of getting users to that content as quickly as possible. The first thing a user does upon installing an app is run it. Too many OVSP apps appear to be failing to engage the user with the right content during that first use.

If there is any good news for OVSPs in this data, it is that consumers are less likely to delete the video app than almost any other app category. Games apps suffer the highest fatality rate, with 36% being deleted by 25 to 34-year-olds. M&E apps are the least deleted category of app in this age group, with 12%. However, it is dating apps that prove the most resilient. Apps from eHarmony and Match are only deleted by 8% of 18 to 24-year-olds and those over 35.

Competition for attention is fierce on mobile

Over the last year premium video providers have been rushing to get authenticated and standalone apps in market. High profile releases like HBO Now and Sling TV have attracted a lot of attention. They have also gotten many people to download the apps. Over the last year, M&E apps have seen the highest app install growth of any other industry, according to Adobe.

Growth in app installs and starts by industry

However, app launches tell a different story. Finance, travel, shopping, and automotive apps have all enjoyed strong growth throughout the last year. In Q2 2016, M&E apps had an app launch growth rate half that of finance and travel.

This data illustrates that on mobile OVSPs must compete for a user’s time against all the other things she could be doing. Nielsen confirms the problem. The company says that in Q1 2016 two-thirds of a smartphone users time was concerned with app and web access. Nearly a quarter of time went to social media, and video occupied just 4% of usage time.

Excellent apps pay off

Spending time and money on a great app experience is, perhaps, an OVSPs best defense against app apathy. Adobe says the top 20% of apps saw 62% YoY growth in launches and 41% growth in installs.* The average app saw only 24% growth in launches and 6% increases in installs.

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Why it matters

Getting people to download an app is only half the battle.

A quarter of apps are only run once, and over half are never run more than 10 times.

Ensuring a video app gets users to the content they crave as fast as possible is the best defense against audience app apathy.

*YoY growth refers to growth between Q2 2015 and Q2 2016.


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