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Newstag is a service curating news from professional news sources around the world. The service is targeting millennials and could help cut down on the amount of fake news they are seeing.

Chapter 1: What is Newstag (0:20)

Mr. Eklund says that Newstag is a news service that curates news stories from CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC Africa, CCTV China, and Russia Today. The company takes the unmodified stories from these sources and creates custom tags that classify each items category. Users can identify their particular interests and the service uses the tags to find matching stories.

Chapter 2: Mobile first service (2:10)

Most of the users of the service are under 34 years old. The preferred platform for this age group is smartphones. Mr. Eklund says the service is proving this age group is interested in hard news. However, to capture and hold their attention the service needs to deliver a highly personalized feed.

Chapter 3: Completely custom channels (3:00)

Users can create general channels such as a soccer channel, or they can combine many tags to great a very specific channel. He says there are over 5,000 specific tags that allow the user to create any custom channel that fits their needs. He says the service is like Spotify for news.

I commented that the service seems perfect for the mornings, as a user is getting ready to go to work. Mr. Eklund says that is exactly the usage scenario he envisioned for the service.

Chapter 4: Takes on the fake news phenomenon (4:40)

Mr. Eklund says Newstag can help arrest the spread of fake news. A user can create a channel dedicated to an ongoing Ebola outbreak. It will automatically pull in all the new stories from Newstag’s hard news partners about the progress of the disease. If you try to do the same thing on YouTube, there will be lots of fake news items included in the channel.

Chapter 5: Newstag has been soft-launched in Sweden (5:20)

Newstag has been released in Sweden as a web app, though there has been no marketing of the service to consumers. Currently, the Newstag team is working on clients for many of the popular platforms, such as iOS, and Android.

Chapter 6: How Newstag avoids getting stuck in a content rut (6:10)

The service takes trending data from social media. When something trends strongly they can override the filters people have set to make sure they see the important story. As well, users can easily add a tag for a trending story to their news feed.



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