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Homo sapiens didn’t kill the neanderthals, they assimilated them. Will OTT video do the same to TV?

OTT video and television is already cohabiting on DVRs. Channel Master has just added Newsy, a 24 hour OTT news channel, to its free-to-air DVR+ product. The channel joins VUDU, YouTube and Sling TV. TiVo is also combining OTT video with television in its new DVR, the bolt. For example, Hulu assets are combined with live TV and DVR when a user sets a Season Pass on a show of interest.

This DVR activity might make you think TV is assimilating OTT video, but nothing could be further from the truth. Gen-Z kids are watching in very different ways to older populations. The same is true for millennials. And new entertainers are emerging to take advantage of the new opportunites. For example, Amanda Oleander uses Periscope to live broadcast events in her life, and social to tell her fans the broadcast is happen. Cameron Dallas’ fans help make him an AwesomenessTV star, and they also helped get him his first movie, called Expelled.

These new entertainers are using services like Periscope and Twitch for live, YouTube and Snapchat for video on demand, and Netflix, Hulu, and even TV for narrative experiences. Social media binds it all together so that younger users can find, share and discuss what they’re watching.

TV is just a small part of this entertainment and so, just like the neanderthals and homo sapiens, it is getting assimilated by OTT video.

Chapter 1: Neanderthal assimilation (0:25)

Chapter 2: Channel Master and Newsy (1:45)

Chapter 3: TiVo blends OTT and TV (2:25)

Chapter 4: Viewing habits of the young (3:30)

Chapter 5: What it means for entertainment (5:30)




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