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Why you should watch this interview with Bjarne Anders Mykleburst, Head of Distribution for Norway’s NRK:

  1. Learn how a broadcaster is recapturing teenagers fleeing TV
  2. He discusses how NRK reached 10% of the population streaming live sports
  3. He talks about the co-opertion with Netflix in his market 

Chapter 1: Reaching a 14-year-old viewer (0:30)

Like many broadcasters, NRK in Norway has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of teenage viewers of its linear channels. The young are spending much more time on smartphones online. NRK went after them with a made-for-web drama series about their life targeted for the mobile phone. The short daily episodes are reaching 700-800,000 unique viewers (Norway’s population is 5 million.)

Chapter 2: Live streaming sports to 10% of the population (3:30)

Nordic Skiing is very popular in Norway. NRK delivers the sport online and has seen peaks of 300,000 simultaneous views driving 700Gbits. NRK manipulates the streaming profiles to ensure solid delivery.

Chapter 3: Working with Netflix on Lilyhammer (7:30)

Netflix and NRK jointly produced the successful show Lilyhammer. NRK broadcast the show on linear TV in Norway. Netflix delivered the show on-demand worldwide through its streaming client.

Chapter 4: Competing for local viewers (9:30)

Netflix and Amazon are beginning to make local broadcasters nervous. Mr. Mykleburst is upbeat about the opportunity for NRK. He says they have to compete for the attention of Norwegian, and if its success with sports and the young viewer is any example it should do very well.



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