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Curzon cinema is managing to grow both its digital presence and cinema chain despite releasing many movies in the app the same day they release in the cinema. Here’s how the company is making it work

I spoke with Philip Mordecai, Director of Curzon Home Cinema, at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. He describes how the 83-year-old Curzon is aggressively building out its cinema chain in the UK. However, the company recognizes it still cannot reach all of the people that would like to watch its movies. To fix this the company decided to create a digital product called Curzon Home Cinema.

In an unusual move, many of the first release movies appear in both theaters and the digital service at the same time. This is a strategy which is strongly resisted by the rest of the movie industry. However, for Curzon the strategy has helped boost usage of both the theaters and the digital app. It has done this by strongly differentiating the physical and digital experiences, without handicapping either.

Curzon has invested heavily in the theater experience to make it a special night out for the movie goer. Luxurious seating, ultra HD picture and in-theater bar create an ideal environment to watch the movie, and to discuss it afterwards. The cinemas also promote the use of the Curzon app to patrons.

However, those that cannot make it to the theater are not shut out of the experience. They can watch the movie through the Curzon Home Movies app. This delivers an HD experience at the convenience of the viewer. It also includes promotional trailers to boost theater attendance. Curzon has also partnered with services appropriate to audience, such as BT and Virgin, to make it easy for them to access the content.

Curzon is an excellent example of how digital and physical can work to each other’s benefit. The combined customer solution is stronger and more profitable than either approach on its own.

Chapter 1: About Curzon Cinema (0:30)

Chapter 2: Making day-and-date work (1:30)

Chapter 3: Physical and digital together is an advantage (3:20)

Chapter 4: Why Curzon Home Cinema isn’t on every device (3:50)

Chapter 5: Expanding the audience (4:40)

Chapter 6: Video quality at home, in theaters (5:30)


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