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CandW discuss NBC OTT sports and Sinclair national network

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NBC announced that it will sell a package of 150 Premier League games for $50 a season online, no pay TV required. Sinclair Broadcasting is launching a national distribution network based on ATSC 3.0.

Chapter 1: NBC Premier League Pass (1:25)

NBC has been expanding the number of sports it provides direct-to-consumer online. It already has four services in market: Cycling Pass for $40 per season, Pro Motocross Pass for $50, Track and Field Pass for $70, and Rugby Pass for $60. This week the company announced the latest addition, Premier League Pass for $50 a season. It will provide access to 130 games during the 2016-2017 season.

Will discusses the positioning of the service. It is available without a pay TV subscription, but to have access to all Premier Games people will need a subscription to a pay TV package that includes NBC Sports.

Chapter 2: Premier League ratings falling in the US (6:40)

This is very good time for NBC to be bolstering its Premier League offering. Last season the average per game audience on NBC properties fell 18%. Providing the content online could help recapture some the lost viewers, particularly among younger viewers.

Chapter 3: Sinclair’s bold vision for national distribution network (14:40)

Speaking at the TV of Tomorrow in San Francisco, President and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group Chris Ripley outlined his bold plan for a new national distribution network. He discussed how the company planned to expand its footprint dramatically with the acquisition of Tribune Media Group. Its reach would expand from 39% of the US population to 72%. As well, the company plans to boost the number of broadcast channels per market from 5 to 20.

This dramatic expansion is coupled with the rollout of ATSC 3.0. Mr. Ripley described how the new broadcast technology would enable it to move beyond simple free-ad-supported linear delivery, encompassing on-demand, multiplatform support, targeted ads, and subscription channels.

The vision he laid out described a brand-new television distribution network based on the combination of the broadcast and the Internet. It would be able to reach every person in the US on all their devices, bringing them entirely new experiences.

Will questioned the length of time it would take to rollout. There is no fixed timetable for the implementation of ATSC 3.0 in the US, though a 5-year timeline for a major footprint seems likely.


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