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C&W discuss – Online World Cup, NBA inflates the bundle

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Before the World Cup started, polls indicated many people would be watching online. Now the tournament is over, the online results are rolling in and it looks like the online World Cup exceeded expectations in many dimensions. Records tumbled for streaming capacity used, concurrent streams and in the usage of social media. I discuss the eye-popping numbers I’ve been hearing from companies like Akamai, Adobe, ESPN/ABC and social media sites. Will weighed in with an update from Comcast on how many of its customers watched the games. It looks like a large proportion of the soccer fans were on Comcast’s network.

There were lots of outrageous NBA salary announcements this week, including LeBron James’ $42M two year deal. At the same time, the NBA announced it is looking to double the amount it is getting in license fees from TV networks. Will discusses the potential impact this will have on the industry. I said that the industry is embracing the idea of “content socialism”, where we all pay for stuff in the pay-TV bundle that we don’t watch, but benefit from overall better quality content. This only works when all content types benefit equally, which in the case of sports is clearly not true.  To paraphrase George Orwell’s Animal Farm: All content types are equal, but some content types are more equal than others.

Time: 20 minutes


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