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nScreenNoise – Can a Walmart SVOD service succeed?

Can an $8 Walmart SVOD service with a VUDU brand take on the likes of Netflix and Disney? It will be tough. The company might do better with a strategy that takes on its arch-rival, Amazon. Chapter 1: Walmart’s rumored SVOD plans (0:30) The Information and Variety are reporting that […]

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Wired Splash

Breaking through the SVOD burnout barrier

New online video services face a tough challenge getting burned out, cash-strapped consumers to find and pay for their service. Wired’s new video streaming service could have the answer. This week nScreenMedia reported on new Ampere Analysis data showing that US and European consumers are beginning to double up online […]

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night flight splash

‘80s cultural icon reemerges as SVOD service

Building a video business sometimes requires unorthodox approaches. Night Flight’s CEO listens to the viewers, no matter how crazy their requests. The new free white paper Building a Video Business: Night Flight – A Passion for the 1980s Culture looks at how to take a treasure trove of library content […]

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Global Netflix

Combating the global SVOD threat

Europeans love the content they find on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video so much that they are abandoning home-grown TV content. EU broadcasters are worried, and they are starting to work together to combat the threat. BBC Director General Tony Hall summed up how many European broadcasters are feeling about […]

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