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Why zero rating is nothing like Amazon free shipping

Verizon’s Craig Silliman says the company supports net neutrality, but carved out an exception for zero-rating. He said it was like Amazon free shipping. Is it? Speaking on The Communicators on C-SPAN, Verizon General Counsel Craig Silliman said his company supports the principles of network neutrality. However, when asked about […]

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FCC commissioners 2015

The threat to the “golden era” of video

FCC chairman Wheeler says we are in a golden era for the delivery of video services. He also says it is under threat from pay-TV providers “playing both ends against the consumer.” What does that mean and why does it matter? Speaking at the INCOMPAS Policy Summit on Monday FCC […]

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CandW discuss what Q2 Netflix results say about the state of OTT video

Q2 2015 Netflix results were the jumping off point for a far ranging discussion on the state of our industry this week. Will thought that Netflix results were particularly notable in the US, where the company gained 900,000 subs, well above performance in previous second quarters. I liked the International growth numbers, […]

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