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netflix streamers growth 2014-2018

Netflix – humble or arrogant about competition?

<Download this opinion piece as a pdf file> Netflix Q3 2018 results show the company isn’t encountering any meaningful competition at all. The company doesn’t see it that way. At one moment it says it is losing to competitors most of the time and at another, it sees no foreseeable […]

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CandW discuss the secrets of D2C success

How are direct-to-consumer video services improving the performance of their business? They are leading with their brand, being flexible with their business model, and marketing to their subscribers. fuboTV has learned these lessons well as it continues to grow strongly. Chapter 1: Keeping service brand front-and-center (1:30) For big-name D2C […]

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Taming video distribution complexity for DTC providers

The range of distribution options available to direct-to-consumer providers is becoming increasingly complicated. Zype is adding new functionality to ease the burden. To maximize the performance of a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, providers must take advantage of every distribution channel at their disposal. Along with delivering through an owned-and-operated (OnO) service […]

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