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5 data points defining the world of connected device video

connected device video usage

If you are wondering just how many people own a connected device in the U.S., and use it to watch video, wonder no more. Here are 5 connected device data points that reveal the extent of our online video obsession.

Mobile device Internet usageWe own more than one device

There are 273.3M Internet users, according to eMarketer. 214.6M have two devices, an increase of 2% from 2016. 40.7M use only a mobile device to access the Internet, an increase of 11.2%. The number of people relying solely on a PC to access the Internet declined 11.8%, to 17.9M.

We watch video on all our devices

eMarketer says the number of digital video viewers (those watching any online video) increased to 221.8M, up 3.1% over 2016. OTT video services like Netflix and Hulu have been broadly accepted, with 193.8M watching video through them at least monthly. Smartphone video viewers have also increased this year, up 6.2%, to 159.6M. Though tablet sales are in the decline, 5% more people (109.5M in all) are watching video on their tablet than last year.

Smartphone has the greatest connected device video reach

Connected TV reachNielsen says that the smartphone was used by more people in Q2 2016 to watch video than any other connected device. Smartphone video reached 46.7% of the U.S. population in Q2 2016. The connected television reached 42.9%, the PC 30.9%, and the tablet 21.4%.

Of the three devices, the PC is the only one that is in decline. Its reach has fallen nearly 6% between Q2 2014 and Q2 2016. The smartphone video has grown the most, increasing reach 13% over the same period.

The connected TV has the greatest video engagement

The smartphone may be king of video reach, but it is the connected TV we are most comfortable watching. Users of connected TVs watched for 505 minutes a week in Q2 2016. Smartphone video viewers watch for a tenth of the time, or 51 minutes a week. Though fewer people are relying on their PC to watch video, but those that still do are watching more. PC video viewers have increased consumption through the device 61% since 2014, and now watch 352 minutes per week. Tablet video viewers have almost doubled the amount they watch over the same period, to reach 81 minutes a week.

“Old” connected TV devices still rule

TV device ownership Q4 2016We spend a lot time talking about the new-comers to the connected TV space. Turns out a lot of people still own older devices. TiVo says that 24.7% of consumers still have a game console underneath the TV, while 16.3% have a WI-FI enabled Blu-ray player. The next most popular device, Roku, is owned by 15.1% of consumers, followed by AppleTV with 11.7%, and Chromecast with 11.2%.

Why it matters

Most Americans are now online, either through broadband, or mobile, or for the majority, both.

Of those people, online, 81% watch video.

The smartphone rules for video reach, the connected TV for video engagement.


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