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What happens in an Internet Video Minute?

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Online video has become a crucial part of our entertainment diet. Here are 12 facts about what happens during an Internet video minute that illustrate the trend.

5.6M Facebook video views per minute

There are 8 Billion daily Facebook views.

Facebook delivers 4.2M minutes of video per minute

There are 100 million hours of video streamed a day delivered by Facebook. That means each video view lasted for, on average, 45 seconds. 85% of that viewing was done with the sound off.

4.9M Snapchat video views per minute

Fortune says that Snapchat delivered 7 Billion views per day between June and November in 2015.

81 thousand hours of video per minute by Netflix

Time says that Netflix streamed 42.5 billion hours of video in 2015. That equates to the average Netflix subscriber account consuming 1 hour 33 minutes of video a day.

33 new subscribers added per minute by Netflix

nScreenMedia reports that Netflix had 57.38M subs end of 2014 74.76M end of 2015. That’s an increase of 17.38M, or 33 net new subscribers per minute in 2015. In the US, Netflix added 11 new subscribers per minute in 2015.

1 Minute: Time an OVP has to engage a user

Speaking at the Churchill Club last year Neil Hunt, Netflix Chief Product Officer said:

“The moment of truth is when someone sits down in front of the television. The research I have done suggests we have between 30 and 60 seconds, maybe 90, to capture your interests. One or two screens worth of possibilities, possibly 2 or 4 in depth <screens> and then you’re going to make a choice.”

2.8 homes per minute cut-the-cord

Nielsen says number of cable plus (pay TV) subscriptions decreased from 100,928,000 in Q4 2014 to 99,440,000 in Q4 2015. That’s a decrease of 1.49M, or in an average minute 2.8 homes cut the cord. Since there are 2.56 people per home in the US, every minute 7.3 people leave the pay TV fold.

5,470 TV Everywhere authentications per minute

According to Adobe, between Oct 2014 and December 2015 there were 3.6 Billion TV-Everywhere authentications. That’s 5,470 authentications per minutes.

digital video ad spend by device 2014-2020$14,500 a minute spent on digital video advertising in the US

In 2015, there was $7.6B spent on digital video ads according to eMarketer. Of that, 40% went mobile platforms. The company forecasts this will rise to $16.7B in 2020, of which almost half will go to mobile.

The equivalent of 3000 HD movies a minute are delivered on mobile

Ericsson says 2.2 Exabytes of mobile video was delivered per month in 2015. An Exabyte is 1M Terabytes. That’s 4.2 Terabytes a minute, and is equivalent to about 3000 HD movies a minute.

The Internet delivers 3.8 million minutes of video per minute

2 trillion minutes of video crossed the Internet in 2015, according to Cisco.  Since a trillion is 1,000,000,000,000 (US system,) that’s equivalent to 3.8 million minutes per minute.

419 connected TV devices sold per minute

There were 220M connected TV devices sold worldwide in 2015. Strategy Analytics totaled up sales of smart TVs, blu-ray players, game consoles and streaming media players like Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV.


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  1. Well, if Facebook delivers 4.2M minutes per minute, and Cisco says ‘the Internet’ delivers 3.8M minutes per minute, someone is lying. My guess is that its the statistics . . .

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